God, Narnia, and “The Voyager Conspiracy”

What’s the cure for information overload?

A dose of reality.

At least, I hope so.

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A Measure of Peace

I’ve been in a crisis of faith for 34 months. In that time, my faith has threatened to fall off the rails. My fears toward God have been paralyzing. Despite months upon months of research, big questions have gone unanswered:

  • How does God want me to relate with Him?
  • How can I read the Bible correctly?
  • What lessons am I supposed to learn?

But in the last few days, things have finally started to change. Somehow, all the truths I’ve heard again and again over the last three years have started to take root in my heart. Questions are being answered. Peace is making a comeback. Fears are starting to wane. Truths are making themselves heard—and they’re coming front and center. Continue reading “A Measure of Peace”